What is Nutrition Counseling? An Introduction.

October 25, 2017

When in crisis, self-care usually goes out the window. It’s hard enough to remember to eat, (or stop eating,) much less to eat well.It seems like your to-do list gets longer and longer. The list is full of impossible tasks, at impossible times. All you are capable of doing is going from one task to the next. You might feel overwhelmed. You may start each day hoping that this one day doesn’t overwhelm you. 

You try to get to bed early, but there’s no saying you’ll actually sleep well, let alone exercise or eat a well. Your vitality is waning and your health problems may be getting worse. You know, deep down, all of this could be reversed with food and lifestyle changes. But establishing a regular self-care regime? How? When? That would require a reserve of attention and determination that are just not available to you right now.

Even when I finally lost the last 50 pounds, almost 30 years ago, I still struggled to stay there. I know about dieting and weight loss. I wanted to know how to be free of the struggle. I wanted to know how to be a naturally lean person, healthy, free of the constant struggle in my head.

“ I am not a conventional dietitian. I will not tell you to always eat this or never eat that! I will not tell you to count calories.”

I am a Nutrition Counselor and Life Coach with 30 years Experience. 30 years ago I worked as a leader, a trainer and then a regional manager for Weight Watchers in both Michigan and Pennsylvania. I hired, trained and supervised hundreds of employees in the largest region in the Pennsylvania Franchise. I absolutely loved helping people see their potential, helping them to succeed.In 1997, I opened Lighten up Nutrition. I offer individualized service, one-on-one. As a Nutrition Counselor and Life Coach I offer a combination of personalized nutrition education and rational lifestyle coaching support you through the challenges along your journey.

I am not a conventional dietitian. I will not tell you to always eat this or never eat that! I will not tell you to count calories, though I will show you how to do that if you wish. I will explain in simple terms how certain foods change your brain chemistry, cause you to be hungry all the time and cause you to crave more of those foods.

What you can expect: If you are in the middle of a life-storm, our first week together will be just about freeing you of cravings, adjusting your calories for your specific goal, eliminating constant hunger and restoring your mental clarity. You will lose weight, but you may be surprised to discover that you will not be hungry. It will be simply about bringing your body back into hormonal balance. If you are diabetic, we will simplify your meal planning. If you are pregnant, nursing, or want to have a healthy pregnancy, we will work with you and your physician to design the best program for you.

Phone Sessions: If you are working long hours, have small children at home, or live a distance away, we can start with phone sessions. Phone sessions are proven way to stay on track. They offer accountability, help you to stay motivated, and offer all of the guidance needed to help you make healthy food choices. I have found that over the years people are amazed at the added value their weekly phone sessions offer. They are almost like a home visit where you sit comfortably in your own kitchen and together we design a grocery list or a menu plan. We look at some of the foods you have in your house and evaluate their value. We read nutrition labels together. We may break down your favorite recipe or plan your next challenging event. We may redesign your kitchen storage places in order to create a safer environment for your long-term success. We can include the family in meal planning. The list of possibilities is endless. If you have Skype we can talk face to face. If not, it’s still a great way to connect. Call now and I’ll be your online nutritionist.