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in Reading, Pennsylvania

For over 30 years Tracy Benson has provided a personalized and compassionate approach to nutrition and weight-loss counseling. Her professional training, along with her very personal weight loss journey have made her uniquely qualified to understand the challenges that her clients face.

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We offer phone and video appointments for your convenience and scheduling requirements. Call us today at 610-478-7766 to begin.

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Our goal is to teach each client how to live a healthy lifestyle, reach their ideal weight, and provide the skills needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Weight loss should be simple and affordable. We can help you.

Weight Loss Counseling

Many weight loss programs are not necessarily healthy. In fact, many people regain most, if not all of the weight that was lost. They then begin what is referred to as yo-yo dieting. Our program is a balanced, rational approach. The ratio of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats is specific to the needs of each individual. Many frustrated dieters do not realize that they are consuming way too many of the wrong kinds of carbohydrates to ever achieve a permanent weight loss. In addition, the caloric intake for weight loss allows for a reasonable and permanent loss of fat only. This is critical to avoid the loss of muscle.

Nutrition Counseling

We provide unique and personalized nutrition information and plans formulated for your body type, your food preferences and your specific goals. Our techniques and tools are tailored for you. We will never tell you to count calories or eat foods that you do not like. In addition, your goal weight is not determined by your BMI alone. (Note: When Arnold Schwarzenegger was Mr. Universe, he had a BMI of over 34 and was considered obese.)

Health Management

We work closely with many Health Care Professionals. With our food program and the guidance of your healthcare provider, you can often experience dramatic improvements in your overall health. In many cases our clients have been able to reduce or even eliminate the need for prescription medications. In fact, many of our clients have completely reversed their diabetes through diet and exercise alone. *Note: Never change your prescription medication without first consulting with your physician.

Grocery Shopping

Is navigating the grocery store overwhelming? NO PROBLEM! Once we have completed your grocery list we can then head to the grocery store with you. We will show you how to shop with confidence, avoid the pit falls and traps, and leave with the groceries you will need for a healthy NEW YOU! Our goal is for you to succeed!

In Home Visit

If you would prefer, we can visit you in the privacy of your home. We will sit with you at your kitchen table, design your food plan, and help you organize your pantry and your refrigerator. Remember that a clean healthy kitchen and a clean healthy home environment will set you up for success!

Individuals: One-on-One

Each individual is different and each life story is unique. We work, one on one, with you. We will get to know your history,and your food choices. We will formulate a plan to fit your lifestyle and we will help you overcome the daily challenges that might otherwise slow or prevent your progress. It is about so much more than food.

Couples & Families

We provide services for couples and families. We offer the tools you need to help you and your family live a healthy lifestyle.

We offer phone and video appointments for your convenience. We also offer in-home appointments if you prefer. Call us today at 610-478-7766 to begin.

Businesses & Community Groups

We have been providing workshops, group lectures, and speaking engagements to corporations and organizations, both public and private for over 30 years. You may select from our long list of timely informative and entertaining topics, or you may prefer to request a topic that is specifically suited to the needs of your group.


Do you ever wonder how difficult it might be to lose weight and keep it off forever?

Many people have had the unfortunate experience of losing and regaining weight over and over. Consequently, they believe that weight loss is difficult and painful and that keeping it off is nearly impossible. The truth is a balanced weight loss program eliminates hunger altogether, and because the weight comes off at a healthy rate it is much easier to keep the weight off permanently. We make it simple.

What We Provide For You

We provide a personalized nutrition plan with professional nutrition counseling. We provide recipes, meal ideas, shopping and cooking strategies. We educate each one of our clients so that they are able to continue their new way of life long into the future. We offer the proven strategies to help keep you on track. And finally we offer the caring support and experience of someone who has been there!


There are no special foods. There are no pills. There are no gimmicks or quick unhealthy solutions. We believe that weight loss and good nutrition is a byproduct of healthy living, one day at a time. While most weight loss plans are not necessarily healthy, we believe good nutrition is a way of life! We will show you the way.

Our goal is to teach each client how to live a healthy lifestyle reach their ideal weight, and retain the skills needed to maintain a healthy and vivacious life. 

Weight loss is by-product of healthy eating. While most weight loss plans are not necessarily healthy, at Lighten Up Nutrition, we believe good nutrition is a way of life and offer ways which work.  

Your First Appointment

After we have determined what you are looking for, we will then schedue your first appointment. Some individuals just need a short evaluation and some quick tips and are on their way. Many others prefer a more in depth program. In that case, the first appointment may take 60- 90 minutes. We will discuss your health concerns, your goals and your challenge. We will then design your food plan for the first week only.

This first week food plan is not intended for a lifetime. It is instead intended to reset your metabolism and in many instances, detoxify your body from sugars and refined carbohydrates. Remember, your program is unique to you. Our goal is to set you up for success. We will schedule a phone session mid-week on your first week to see how you are doing. We may make adjustments to your program at this time.

What to Expect Week One

By the end of the first week, most clients will have experienced a change in body weight. More importantly, MANY will have experienced a dramatic improvement in mood, and clarity of thinking. And their craving for sugars and refined foods is often completely gone.

Week Two and Beyond

Many of our clients return for hourly visits on a weekly basis. However we do offer half-hour sessions as well as bi-weekly, and bi-monthly sessions. We will schedule future appointments to suit your needs.


We offer phone sessions and video conferencing or in-home if your prefer so you never have to miss an appointment.

We offer every client a personalized nutrition plan with professional nutrition counseling. In addition we offer recipes, meal ideas, shopping lists, Menu planners, and food preparation strategies. We equip you with the skills necessary for long-term permanent success. We offer the caring and compassionate support from someone who has been there.

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There are over 40,000 diet books available today ...

Not a single one can sit down and talk with you or listen to you. Tracy has experienced her own personal weight loss journey and she truly understands the challenges that many of her clients face.